A collection of Learning Objects suitable for a Stage 3 and 4 Electricity Unit

A fantastic object. This is a whole unit in itself, complete with assesment task and completion certificate for students to print out at the end.

Blobz Electric Circuits


Electricity, Magnet and Circuit Simulationselectron.jpg

More simulations and other stuff your kids will have fun with...elecmags.jpgmagne.jpg

Click on the link below, scroll down to the links to Electricity and try some of these fun sites.

Investigate electricity further using these sites:

renewable.jpgexternal image sunball.gifAnother fabulous CAP webquest

Shocking Electricity

Y4 eMINTS teachers developed this webquest. It is great for an electricity project.

You can add a new link here if you find an interesting educational website about Electricity

More on Electricity