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Convits IWB program


IWB Lessons

How do I get my kids onto wikispaces?!!!
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Instruction Sheet for students on how to access their email accounts

Collaborative Technology

Online IWB Tutorials:


http://www.teachers.ash.org.au/suel/white/white.htmlexternal image SMARTPens.jpg


TaLe follow the link from the DET website to TaLe. Select Primary or Secondary. Use the search engine to find relevant Learning Objects to use.
Use the catalogues links below to search for suitable objects.

PROMETHEAN PLANET http://www.prometheanplanet.com/uk/ - Promethean is the software the NSW DET has selected for the whiteboard rollout.

Promethean Planet is the largest online community for teachers using whiteboards.
It is your central source for free lesson resources, interactive inspiration and whiteboard ideas from a community of over 140,000 members. As a member you can:
  • Become part of the community in the user forum
  • Download free lesson flipcharts
  • Browse the Knowledgebase for product support external image Interactive_whiteboard_at_CeBIT_2007.jpg
  • Get great ideas for the classroom from other teachers like yourself
  • Enjoy preferential member pricing in the UK online software shop
Registration is free and only takes a few minutes!

October 2007

http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/ This website is (obviously) from the UK and has resources for each KLA!

Animated Clip Art example website
http://www.free-graphics.com/ - select animated
Google search letters or animated letters
http://www.amazing-animations.com/external image frog13.gif
Sound Effects

http://www.freeaudioclips.com/ style="FONT-SIZE: 80%; COLOR: #272020"> - (enter 'animal' in search area)
Google free audio clips or free sound files