Visit this page to watch 5 very short videos demonstrating features of Notebook software.

Animate any object

to fade in or out, spin, fly in or out much like Powerpoint.

Download gallery items instructions in pdf format

Downloading and Installing the new Smart Software Notebook 10

external image wb-1.JPG printable version of instructions in pdf format.

This is a free download. But you must have a smartboard serial number to obtain a product key. The serial number is located on the bottom of the board (look underneath the tray).

This product key can be reused for up to 1000 computers so if you are sharing a board you can use the same serial number to get the product key. Just make sure you give them the product key so they can download the software for their computer.

Don't forget you MUST install the Notebook software 10 drivers or else the board won't operate. It just sits there with the red light on like a dumb board! The new software is a little different in appearance but basically the same.
The website address for downloading the notebook software is:
For windows operating system
or for mac

Once on the download page you must complete the following steps to install the Notebook Software 10:
1. Obtain a product key (follow the link).
2. Install Senteo software SP3 (if used).external image SmartBoard%2520EH%2520Miller.bmp
3. Install Notebook software 10.
4. Install Notebook software 10 drivers.
5. Activate Notebook software 10 using the product key.
The smarttech site is a great place to start for training material. (or follow the links for training from, or follow the link from the notebook). They have some handy two minute tutorials (that's where I went to find out about ink aware on smartboards.
Happy downloading.