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A great idea from Betchaboy on Yr 4 Blogging idea: Topic Australia You're standing in It

Year 4 Blogging Topics

Choose from the following list of blog topics. You need to collect at least 60 points, and anyone who gets 100 points will get a special prize.
Write each as a separate blog post. Give each a good title and a put them into a suitable category.

10 points
15 points
20 points
The Built Environment
Choose a built environment and describe it in words. Add a couple of pictures as well.
Write a poem about the built environment. It needs at least 2 verses.
Pick two Australian built environments and compare and contrast them. (Describe their similarities and their differences) Include pictures to support your views.
The Natural Environment
List 5 natural sites in NSW and include a short description of each one. Include a photo of each if possible.
Should tourists be allowed to climb Uluru?
Give 5 good reasons to support your argument. Include a photo or two.
Choose an Australian natural environment and explain how and why it needs to be protected. Give as much detail as you can.
States and Territories
Find the weather in 5 other states right now. Include a link to the page where you find this information.
In the form of a travel log, describe a holiday you’ve taken in NSW or interstate. Include a few pictures.
Which is the best Australian state? Why? Give at least 5 reasons that would convince an overseas visitor to go there.
Flora and Fauna
Choose an area of Australia and list at least 3 plants or animals you would find there. Include pictures.
Find 3 pictures of Australian flora and/or fauna, and write descriptions about them for someone who was blind.
Choose one endangered Australian plant or animal and explain what you might do to help save them from extinction.
What struck me as I watched the students work on this project was just how many other skills they used along the way. From technical skill trying to figure out how to include photos or **YouTube** videos, to information literacy skills in choosing the rights sites to gather information from, to improving their general knowledge as they learned things they didn’t know before they started. I thought it was a successful project on a number of levels, and I do see how blogging can be a very powerful tool for learning.
Anyway, I’m certainly not claiming it was perfect or ideal, and I’d certainly appreciate any comments you might like to make on ways to improve our attempt at blogging. What can we do to improve it?