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Collaborative Student project CAP Create Me 2012
  • Virtual Exchange students
  • Virtual Olympic Games
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CAP Sydney Geoquest Excursion


Cool Maths
BST/NAPLAN files. Click on the link and start downloading. from the legendary Josh

"free" website for quick assessments. http://www.henryanker.com students can choose each level. All subject areas (even sign language). Students will receive a percentage at the end of each test.

readinga-z online, printable leveled readers, with Lesson Resources, bench-marched books and running records and reading recovery resources.
also writing a-z

NGfL - Free teaching and learning resources

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

MrsHughes' Teaching Notes

KS2Bitesize Interactive Learning Objects/IWB Resources

Crickweb Interactive Learning Objects

Free video lectures on more than 20 subjects http://freevideolectures.com/
A visual dictionary http://blachan.com/shahi/

New page Creative thinking skills

Steve Spangler Science activities to support inquiry based learning http://www.stevespanglerscience.com
eg http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/00000166

New mathematical flash games to play on your SMARTboard!

(don't forget to extract the files after downloading them)

Math Magician

Educational Freeware: Free Web Based Educational Software. There are a lot of free educational software and other resources that you can find directly on the Internet. No need to download and install them!

K-6 Interactive Lessons on the following topicsEstimation of LengthPlace ValueLine SymmetryPatternsWeight and CapacityTangrams

An interactive whiteboard - What is it?

It is a touch-sensitive whiteboard which allows teachers and children to participate interactively in activities projected onto it from a data projector connected to a computer.
The basic kit consists of three pieces of equipment:
external image demo.jpg
• a computer

• a data projector

• a touch-sensitive whiteboard.

The computer is connected to the projector and the projector is connected to the whiteboard. The projector displays the computer screen onto the board. The computer can then be controlled from the board. As you point at icons etc. on the board using your finger or an appropriate electronic 'pen', the action is transmitted to the computer just like using a mouse.

Why use an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive Whiteboards can have a positive effect on teaching and learning in all subject areas. As with ICT more generally, the impact on teaching and learning is dependant on how successfully they are integrated into classroom practice. external image section1-tvl-backto--media-1-quizX5Fid-zwaterlooX2D12753731907329X2D2194X2D0-u-waterlooX2D12753731907329X2D2194X2D0-z-f.jpe
Interactive whiteboards are powerful teaching tools, they have the potential to:

• Improve the quality of Interactions

• Improve teacher assessment through the promotion of effective questioning

• Enhance modelling

• Redress the balance of making resources and planning for teaching
• Increase the pace of learning

this information was taken from:
http://www.nwnet.org.uk/pages/software_guidance/downloads/whatis_iwb.pdfexternal image Paint_with_whiteboard.jpg